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Dear Fellow Mayors:


I am in great need of A fishing rod and Slingshot.

If any of you have one (or both) of these items in your shop please inbox me your friend code and allow me access to your town.

Here is my FC:


If you yourself posses these items and are willing to give them to me… I’ll pay 600 bells each (the cost of the item plus 100 bells) 

(Source: 2spookykittenwiskers)

Been saving monies


To get a 3DS XL. Several reasons:
1. 3DS is small which is nice for pocket carrying but hurts my hands if I want to play for more than 15/20 minutes at a time.
2. 3DS XL pikachu edition is ~rumored~ to be coming to USA soon.
3. I already have AC / car adapters that should work.
4. Bigger screens means less eye strain.

welp, looks like I’m gonna have to save monies faster.

(Source: 2spookykittenwiskers)